2021 BMW iNext video and illustration

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I guess BMWis early proud of the work they are doing in their upcoming EV, the iNext SUV.

It is just too bad this thing will look nothing like any of their past concepts, but instead, just like another BMW SUV. And they all look the same already…

And here is an illustration of what it might look like under the camouflage.
Which is basically a mash up of all existing BMW SUVs. 
Blue trim and new wheels don’t make it special at all. 
And, of course, it is getting the huge Bugs Bunny teeth grille. On an EV that doesn’t need any.
Very soon, there will be plenty of choices for those who want an electric crossover. Let’s hope this thing is a flop. At least as far as the design is concerned, this shows zero effort and should not be rewarded…

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  1. Sadly this generic yet hideous monster will be rewarded as BMW fans are like Apple fans, they know there are better products out there but they're too brain washed to act on it. So they will like up for 6 hours for a new iPhone to get features other manufacturers have had for years.

    I stopped buying BMW's due to the poor reliability, generic designs and interiors that haven't changed since 2005.

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