2021 Buick Enspire

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These are the first uncovered pictures of the all new Buick Enspire SUV for 2021.
It is rumored to replace the Envision. And is based on the same platform as the Cadillac XT-4.
(So this is not a Buick version of the Chevrolet Equinox)
it looks OK on these pictures. You can tell most of that designs dates back from the days when Opel and Buick were sharing models. Since this looks a lot like an Opel.
The vents under the headlights do look really weird though…
Not sure about the base engine, but you can bet GM’s 2.0 Liter turbo will be offered. 
Not sure why they would change the name either..

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  1. Not bad looking, but neither is the envision. I don’t understand why the Envision didn’t do better unless it was priced to high. Is Buick having this built in China?

  2. it looks like a BMW X2 clone. Bland actually! Agree with you that the front intakes under the lights are weird. Lots of cars nowadays have the "origami look" for very little benefit

  3. Apparently they would keep the Envision name for the Chinese market. The Enspire name could be for the US only.

  4. To Anonymous @10:32, actually the newly unveiled GLA does NOT have that profile. I take it you're referring to the outgoing generation?

    Also, Vince, it's XT4, not "XT-4"

  5. I had a coup;e of current gen Envisions as loaners when my Yukon was in for service. The base engine was a dog, but the more powerful turbo engine was really good. I really liked driving the Envision and the space inside was really good. I had BMW X3 at that time, and it compared quite well as far as being a luxury-ish ride. Now at $45,000 for the loaded Envision, no way I would have considered it. But if it had been $30,000, I'd be all over it.

  6. ARE WE ALL LOOKING AT THE SAME PICTURE?!?!!?! This is miles better than the current Envision! The haunch over the rear wheels is attractive and athletic. I am shocked that people can't understand why the current one is such a failure. It is ugly, overpriced, and has the stupidest looking dashboard.

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