2021 Ford Bronco

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This is looking really good. A real, pure Ford Bronco.
A brand new version of the old first generation that was built from 1966 to 1977. (not the “O.J” one)

Amazing it took Ford so long too. As the Jeep Wrangler had the whole market for itself for decades.
The new Bronco will be available as a 4 door (pictured above) and a 2 door versions.
Apparently, there will be a removable roof option as well. And even removable doors!

(Thanks to a reader for sending me the pic!)

As for the interior, it seems as retro and tough as the exterior. Also reminiscent of the old model, which of course, plenty of modern technology.

So far, I think this will be quite a hit for Ford. And steal quite a few sales from Jeep…

We will see the whole thing officially next month. 

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  1. Or you grabbed it from Bronco6G yourself? (Just like "sent from Europe)

    This being unauthorized, I sent a little message to both Joy Falotico and Bill Ford's secretary. Both shut it down fast!

  2. What difference it makes if he took them from the site or if the pic was sent? The only person Ford can go after is the one that took the pictures. Actually if you go to JALOPNIK they have this pictures and another one of the two door version and they actually called Ford to ask them about the pictures.

  3. Ford could care less about photos since the Bronco going be release in a month time anyways! The more PR news the better for the Bronco!

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