2021 Ford Everest

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The Ford Everest in an SUV based on the Ford ranger pick-up.
it is usually on sale in Australia and some other countries, but has never been offered in the US.
The current generation came out in 2015. A new Everest also menas a brand new Ranger is not far behind.
As you can see from the spy shots (compared to the current generation photos), it will be a bit more angular than the current generation.
And the interior seems vastly improved. 
I personally think the Everest could be a good replacement for the aging Edge in the US.
Its RWD platform would stand out from a sea of mid-sized FWD based SUV. 

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  1. What IS going to happen to the Edge and Nautilus? Are they switching to the Explorer platform like everything else? I guess there is room for something midsize between the Escape/Bronco Sport, real Bronco, and the Explorer. The Everest seems like it would be in the same class as the 4runner. Are there enough Ford buyers looking for a smaller 3 row trucky SUV? I don't know. Don't forget that we also have the Fusion Outback wagon coming as well. It's getting crowded over there at Ford.

  2. I'm pretty sure the next-generation Edge/Nautilus will still be based on the next global Mondeo platform, and will be sold alongside the Fusion Allroad or whatever they plan to call it. I'm wondering if the First version will get truckier like the Bronco Sport and allow the Fusion raised wagon to be the more carlike crossover alternative.

  3. There was a report sometime ago that also stated that the next-generation Ford Edge (and likely it's Lincoln Nautilus cousin) cou become RWD-bias, like the Explorer/Aviator, but, of course, be smaller than the Explorer/Aviator. If that's the case, maybe they can be based on the Everest, or perhaps a truncated unibody Explorer/Aviator platform. If this is the plan, then that would give Ford/Lincoln many RWD entries from mid-sized and above, although all will be SUVs, crossovers and pickups in the USDM, with the exception of the Mustang and GT being car-entries. Speaking of cars/sedans, the MKZ is now in it's swansong year, and who knows the fate of the Continental.

  4. This is the next gen Edge….it has a traverse I4 in it and the Everest is based on the RWD Ranger/Bronco

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