2021 Genesis G80

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The all new 2021 Genesis G80 is finally out.
And by now, there is really no surprises. Since we had seen pictures before. And it is basically a sedan version of the GV80 SUV and uses the same platform and engines.
Which will be the new 2.5 Liter Turbo with 304hp and 3.0 Liter V6 turbo with 380hp for the US.
RWD is standard and WAD is an option. All get an 8 speed automatic.
At almost 198 inches long, the G80 is about 3 inches longer than the new Cadillac CT5, the Mercedes E-Class sedan and BMW 5 series.
The big question is the price. Since the current generation started at about $42 500.
Which is thousands less than the German competition. But about $5000 more than the CT5.
I think Genesis should try to get the base price really close to $40 000. Since they are, after all, an all new brand name. No matter how good they are, they are just not on the radar yet.
But, they might also come out with a great lease… 

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  1. This thing is absolutely gorgeous. Love that blue toned interior option, very unique.

    Looking forward to more Genesis models coming out.

  2. Cadillac is not revered by the buying public and the CT5 is a hideous looking beast, so Genesis need not worry about pricing this incredibly gorgeous looking new G80 to undercut the CT5. Besides, I thought Cadillac was positioning the CT5 to compete against the 3 Series, C Class, and A4 anyway, which would actually put it in competition with the G70 sedan.

    Genesis still needs to undercut the German establishment on price, however.

  3. I think this looks great. I like big grills and I cannot lie (I drive a Yukon), and this one is fine. It makes a refined statement, unlike the Lexus predator/freaky looking grill, this is large but elegant. Love the headlights, the 3/4 front view and the interior. I'm unusual in that if i were looking for a car, I'd really prefer this over the Audi or MB (had enough of their $1,200 oil changes and unreliability out of warranty, along with lousy service).

  4. The previous generation had two larger V6 engines and a 5.0 liter V8.. so this new one has to be less expensive in 4-cylinder guise? Wonder if the V8 still fits, because this would make a nice S7 fighter.

  5. They did a masterful job with the side profile and rear quarter-view.

    But the front end and the tail are both WAY too busy. Not at all befitting a luxury marque.

    Looks like it's trying way too hard.

  6. Good god, what a sad sack of crap it looks like. Looks like a Chinese ripoff of all the luxury cars.

  7. Grille is to way to big, still have the square platic cutout for the sensor. Those wheels are 2000 hideous, but that interior is awesome. Clean and modern and luxurious.

  8. Aside from the ghastly, cartoonish front end and pointless adornments aft of the front fenders, Genesis has done a pretty good job with their rendition of an Audi A7. Minus the useful hatch.

  9. As someone who recently took delivery of a CT5-V, I will tell you that it's an incredible driver's car. People love to hate Cadillac, but it's a car that puts a smile on your face everytime you drive it.

  10. Genesis profile and interior get the nod. CT5-V front and rear-end styling is much more attractive (aggressive yet not so garish) and the Alpha 2 platform is top rate.

  11. To Dutch. First, let me congratulate you on your new car!
    Second, I am not someone who loves to hate Cadillac. I actually like them a lot. My first car was an old, semi-bitten up 1964 Coupe de Ville. And I still miss it…
    And I really enjoyed all of their new models I had the pleasure to test drive. I just think they do need to look a bit more special. Stand out a bit more…
    I test drove for a week the CTS-V last year and will never forget it.
    I hear the CT-5 is based on the same platform and I am sure it is a great car to drive.

    Again, congratulations!

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