2021 Hyundai Elantra teaser video and pictures.

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I didn’t expect seeing anything official about the new Elantra so early.
Since the new Sonata is barely out in the streets. 
But this looks really good so far. I mean the side surface detailing might take some time to get used to.
Or maybe it looks fantastic in person. At least they are trying something to make the regular sedan shape interesting.
The profile looks really, really slick. But this shape, more than every, should have been a hatchback.
The interior also looks very nice. And super simple.
I am sure this will be very tough competition to the super popular Honda Civic.
We will see the whole thing in exactly one week.

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  1. Wow! I’m pleasantly surprised! I wasn’t expecting much based on the spy pics, but Hyundai did an excellent job disguising the stunning details of this design! It is an intriguingly beautiful sedan! I must admit that Hyundai has done a wonderful job of giving this car its own unique and distinctive personality; Hyundai successfully avoided the easy cop out route of trying to make it look like a mini-Sonata. I was a major critic of the black fake window appliqué on the C-pillar, but I think it will be okay if Hyundai gives it a properly upscale finish (which means avoiding the basic unfinished black plastic look that is so common on vehicles in this class). It is great to see Hyundai’s determination to remain competitive in this dwindling segment when many of its competitors have abandoned the segment due to the crossover mania that’s overtaking the market.

    The interior design appears to be as stunning and progressive as the exterior. Basically, this sedan looks poised to be a winner and segment leader inside and out.

    I can’t wait until the complete reveal of this new gen Elantra on March 17th!

  2. If Hyundai wanted to make the current, derivative sedan shape more interesting they would have made the Elantra a hatchback, instead of giving it what looks like a big dent on the side.

  3. Going to be the new benchmark in it's class. I just hope they got rid of the torsion beam rear suspension design and didn't sell it's soul to a CVT transmission.

  4. Huge improvement over present generation which I think was a step backward. I also would have liked to see a hatch (this is also nicer than the present GT).

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