2021 Hyundai Elantra

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The all new Elantra seems to look much better in these pictures.
Even that fake “black plastic” rear side window seems almost OK. It could be small enough to be just fine.
Hard to tell much about the interior yet. But it’s of course a screen fest. Like everything now.
This will do battle in the US with the Jetta, Corolla, new Sentra and the king of the compact sales, the good old Honda Civic (over 325 000 sold last year!)
The new Elantra seems ready to go. And we should see it very soon.

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  1. Totally disagree about the cheap looking black plastic slab. Why go through the effort to give the next gen Elantra a dynamic new design and then ruin it with such an obviously downmarket detail. The Kia Forte has an actual window in this location, I don’t understand why Hyundai chose to go the cheap and tacky route by applying a design destroying black plastic slab on its new gen compact sedan. How sad and disappointing.

  2. Going to be the compact to beat I think. The exterior and interior gives a big (new) Kia Optima/K5 vibe to me.

  3. FFEMT6.. that's my only issue with this design.. why does it look so much like a Kia? This probably should have been the Forte and the Forte should have been the Elantra.

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