2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

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I almost forgot about this one. Hyundai is also working on a revised Santa Fe for 2021.
As you can see, so far, it looks the same.
I guess inside the main difference might be a new dashboard, since it is covered in the 2021 prototype.
It’s hard to say anything about the exterior.
So far things also look very similar.

The main event might be the availability of a hybrid model for the first time. And maybe even a plug-in version.

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  1. Please tell us honestly, do Hyundai/Kia/Genesis pays you to review/ post about their cars and trash talk other brands?

  2. Seems like Hyundai is taking a page out of Mazda's playbook as far as quick revisions to current models go. Wonder if they are going to make it more Palisade like. After buying a Palisade, it is really a nice interior to spend some time in.

  3. All cars in 2-3 years should have some type of electrification. So, it is best that car makers forget about squeezing the last MPG and equip their cars with the same equipment as gasoline ones. When consumers get the same or, in many cases, better performance, they will never look back at gasoline only.

  4. What a dumb comment. Hyundai has a much better advertisement because of how its cars look, drive, last, and are priced. They really do not need Vince and his typos….

  5. From the head office "MORE WAFFLE PATTERN!!!! STAT!!!!!"

    I had hoped we had hit Peak Waffle Pattern.

  6. – I really wish I could get paid by Hyundai. (Or anyone else for that matter)
    I am not sure why people think I've been reviewing tons of their cars. (I think I just drove 3 last year…)
    I just talk about car news. Since Hyundai/Kia/Genesis seem to come up with more new models than anyone else these days, they do get more coverage. From everyone else too…

    – "more waffle pattern". That's very funny! And true!
    For some reason (maybe because they used it on Bentleys for a while) that waffle pattern is now synonym with "Luxury".
    The weirdest thing…

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