2021 Hyundai Elantra Pix

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These are just pictures from the video I posted earlier 
Showing the whole car and part of the interior.
The interior does look pretty futuristic and quite upscale so far.
Again, this should have really been a hatchback, with such a slanted rear design. The fact that it is not is ridiculous. People who prefer sedans don’t really want such a fastback design in the first place.
More very soon…

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  1. It's a 4 door sedan. It always will be a 4 door sedan. The slope of the roof over the back seat is stupid.

    You are correct about the no hatch. I'ts almost as if they don't want you to buy this.

  2. a face only a mother could love, bless its heart. the rest ain't much better. I'd still take a Jetta.

  3. Again they have the blacked out portion of the trunk lid below the window, just like the new Optima and just like the Lincoln MKZ.

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