2021 Mercedes EQS

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The EQS will probably be the first true Tesla Model S competitor.
The new Porsche Taycan being much smaller.

The Mercedes, just like the Model S, will also be a large hatchback design.

Inside, it is basically screen city. Screens everywhere. Just like everything these days.
But, unlike current Mercedes designs, the main screen is vertical and takes most of the center console. A similar set up has been seen in the next generation S Class prototypes. And even in the next generation C-Class.

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  1. Actually, the Porsche Taycan is the size of the Tesla Model S sedan, at some 195" in length. The upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS is likely to be larger, perhaps between 200"-205" overall-length. I'm looking forward to the official debut.

  2. Maybe they are about the same size, but somehow the Model S does feel really roomy.
    I sat in a Taycan, and it is really tight. Especially the back seat…

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