2021 Nissan Rogue

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It looks like manufacturers have not stopped testing new models these days.
These prototypes of the 2021 Nissan Rogue were just caught in the US.

Sure, it will be “all new”. But when compared to the current model, it doesn’t look that different, yet.
The proportions seem very similar. Although it seems more angular/square. More like the new Rav-4.

And who can blame them.
The Rogue has been a huge hit for Nissan with over 350 000 of them sold last year (over 412 000 in 2018) So they are not taking any chances. People love this thing the way it is.
I wouldn’t expect anything drastic…

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  1. Imagine a 2019 Nissan Livina converted into an SUV style but with a bar style rear lamp and new Juke inspired side profile, that's your rogue exterior design

  2. I think it already looks better. Looks like they are trending toward Hyundai with the front light arrangement. Just hope they finally get rid of that CVT. Doubtful though.

  3. A good looking SUV that will look better. They just need yo make it more performance oriented than just a grocery getter.

  4. The exterior was never the problem, it still looks good after all these years. It was the interior and the technology that was lacking, looks like this new one will correct those items.

    I'm not a fan of boxy, but will reserve judgement until I see it without the camo.

  5. Had the current generation Rogue on lease, fine vehicle, but as exciting to drive as a toaster. Hopefully they've improved that aspect. Switched to Mazda.

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