2021 Nissan Rogue

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This is still just an illustration, not the real thing.

But it seems really realistic to me. And matches very closely all spy shots we have seen of the 2021 Rogue.
I posted spy shots HERE, and a video HERE.

Just like the illustration above, the new Rogue will probably be much more angular than the current generation. Which has been a huge hit for Nissan. As it still sold over 350 000 units last year (From an amazing 412 110 the year before)
So it basically is Nissan’s most important new model. And it will be jumping into a crowded market. With brand new models like the 2021 Hyundai Tucson I mentioned yesterday.
But also established players like the Toyota RAV-4 and Honda CR-V.

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  1. Is it an improvement, maybe but it really doesn't do anything as so many SUVs in this class are starting to look the same. They also are getting more expensive.

    I think in the long run it is smarter to get a Tesla Y with the tax saving incentive which will cost you as much as a top of the line RAV4.

  2. That looks exactly right, because from the spy photos it looks like the Rogue is going to be a heavy refresh like the Leaf, not an all new design. And this illustration is essentially the Leaf redo on top of the Rogue.

  3. I have seen the car in the flesh,this is 90 percent there. Round off the rear haunch, elongate the front a bit more and the windows are just totally off, but if all the mock-ups, this is the closest yet

  4. I understand why people like SUV’s. My wife and I each drive one. But they are SO BORING to read about.

  5. It will be so nice when the trend of big gaping holes or fake air vents or whatever they're called in the front bumpers come to an end. They look ridiculous!

  6. Wow Vince, you’re slacking big time with this one. The illustration has a watermark for motor1 on it and when you visit their website they call this an illustration of the Qashqai / Rogue Sport NOT the Rogue / X-Trail.

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