2021 Nissan Rogue

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 An all new Nissan Rogue is just around the corner, ready to go. (but who knows when these days…)

And here are the first real (patent design pix) “photos” if its new design.
As you can see, the new generation is getting a more angular look. Just like the current RAV-4.
Otherwise, proportions seem very similar to the current one.
(Not sure if it is based on a new platform or not) And no news about powertrain yet.

 The interior is all new as well. Although it doesn’t seem that modern to me.
The screen looks a lot like the one in the Honda Accord. Kind of a “semi-tablet” look.
Which is OK…

I guess Nissan is making sure current owners will like the new one. Sales were still over 350 000 last year (Over 400 000 in 2018) and they don’t want to take too many chances…

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  1. I don't know what this is, but this is not the rogue.. it is close bout that interior is completely off

  2. As Burlapp would say, "Nothing groundbreaking", same old vanilla ice cream sandwich to me. And thats true on both in and out. The front end is trying too hard to look like a Juke. And why isn't that model here instead of the dumb Kicks and Sleepy Rogue Sport?

    Nissan seriously needs to up the game on all fronts: Nissan and Infiniti

    They seriously need a new Z!

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