2022 VW Amarok/Ford Ranger

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VW has released a teaser illustration of the next generation Amarok compact pick-up truck (Top)
It’s hard to say how the real thing will look, with such a cartoony, exaggerated illustration. 
But it seems like things will be a bit more aggressive, and angular than the current one .
The current Amarok came out about 10 years ago. And was never sold in the US.
The next generation will share its platform with the next generation Ford Ranger, due out at around the same time.
So basically, it will be a Ranger with a VW design on top.
Still not sure if VW will sell the next generation in the US or not. But if it ends up being built in the US or Mexico, why not…

These are leaked photos of the next Ranger due out next year.
(These pix are from a year ago)

When compared to the VW illustration, things look much softer.
But that rear view just looks super dorky. It doesn’t look more modern than an 80’s mini pick-up.

I mean really…

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