A few more pictures of the new 2021 Genesis G80 sedan

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Just a new, grainy, picture of the exterior. And a couple of close-ups of the interior. 
Again, I think this will become serious competition to the established players. 
At least, they are trying very hard. 
So far, it seems really, really nice.
Production of the new G80 has already started, and the official launch is before the end of the month. 

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  1. I really like this. It's distinctive, looks expensive, the design is cohesive, and it doesn't look like they tried to directly copy any other car. So much better looking then the Lexus LS.

  2. It looks special, and I predict it will turn heads. Kudos to Genesis.

    Having said that, the design just doesn't speak to me.

  3. Saw a new G90 with the same front grill as this G80. The car looks fine but that front grill looks really bad in person.

  4. I agree about the G90 grille. It is just too much compared to the rest of the car. That might be because the profile of the car is the exact same as before. So the new grille doesn't really fit that 2 or 3 year old design.
    I think things might be better on the G80, since the whole thing was designed together with the new grille in mind…

  5. The tweaks made to the existing G90 trying to incorporate the new styling elements are unfortunate at best.. but based on how well the G80 and GV80 wear the new styling, the next G90 should be a stunner! I just hope they don't ruin the existing G70 by grafting these elements on before a new model is ready.

  6. It is very interest how the luxury car makers are designing the infotainment screen with no height maybe 3” but a lot of horizontal length.

  7. I know the steering wheel is odd to the eyes but it must really feel good to the hands.

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