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The new i4 Concept proves BMW has given up on giving their electric models a special look. Like the i3 and i8. (Both of these cars still look futuristic after many years.)
This is just a “grand coupe” version of the current 3 series.
With “i style” wheels and blue trim here and there.
Inside, this is basically a slightly modified 3 series interior with a huge screen tacked on to it. Which ends up looking pretty clumsy, and very lazy.
The concept has also tons of vulgar looking gold trim everywhere.
Which is amazingly bad…
I saved the worst for last: the nightmare grille.
It looks as horrible as it did on the 4 series coupe concept last year.
And now they put it on an electric car! where it is 100% useless.
Which means the suits at BMW are so in love with it they have to use it everywhere.
Even on EVs.
Quite amazing. And sad…

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  1. Seems like they would have designed a much more aerodynamic grill, since they don't need to worry about cooling as much. It would also lead to increased hwy range.

  2. Great point about the grill and it's uselessness on an electronic car. They might have seized the opportunity to explore using their smaller classic grill on an electronic. Oh well opportunity wasted.

  3. Grille looks fine. In fact, the current one will look meek in 5 years. This applies to any new model and any manufacturer, except ….Lexus.

  4. The gold trim is fine. It's not any more crass than aluminum, chrome or wood. It looks tasteful. The grill? Not so much.

    BMW wants you to buy or lease so people can see that you drive a BMW. There's no way anyone is not going to know that. Hopefully people will think badly of people behind the wheel of this.

  5. It seems BMW is more interested in selling the grill over a streamlined electric utilizing the smaller style grill since it is not needed. Interior is what BMW thinks a 'green' interior should look like. It's okay if you don't mind not bringing any drinks in the car.

  6. Just compare this to the Imagine by KIA to see the difference between brands thinking on a mid size EV.

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