Good old days: Acura Advance sedan Concept

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With the official cancelation of the 2020 Detroit Auto Show today, it looks like the good old days of Auto Shows are over, for a while.

I’ve decided to dig into the “vast and amazing” choice of BurlappCar videos on Youtube and post some of my old shorts. From previous car shows.
(I cannot believe this was shot so long ago…)

I actually remember getting Emails from Acura Designers telling me they all shared this clip. And laughed.

As far as the Concept goes, let’s all thank God it never really inspired any production design…
(The shield grille was toned way down for production)

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  1. Acura concepts pretty much much stay concept and until recently never got into production. Acura at the beginning had models that equal Lexus in quality, power and looks. Acura of late got into the boring and ugly phase and cannot get back to its roots yet!

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