Hyundai 45EV production model. Illustrations

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These are still just illustrations of what the new electric Hyundai could look like (Bottom pic is the concept)

They are staying pretty close to last year’s concept. Which would be nice.
I guess this would be Hyundai’s first retro design. Digging into their (not so distant) past when Giugiaro was designing their cars.
I think it would be a great idea.
Basically, it would compete with other retro looking EVs like the Honda e, new Fiat 500 Electric and Mini EV.

And where is VW in all that this?
They have the great Beetle design and history and just decided to trash it, instead of joining the new wave of retro EVs. (idiots…)

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  1. I think VW has an onslaught of new cars planned that we haven't even seen. Too much hatred for the brand in here, i don't get it.

    Who says the Bettle won't be coming back as a full ev? We know the Combi is definitely coming in some form or shape.

    What i would love to see from VW is a retro EV inspired by the Mk1 Golf.

    Back to the Hyundai, i would love to see this come to production as is but i wonder at which price point? The Kona EV is not cheap…

  2. This design does borrow a lot from the Honda E in overall shape and dimensions. We can't forget what models Toyota had in mind with Subaru. They too look interesting and hopefully are more exciting to see and drive then their current line up.

    Back to Honda, I am still waiting to see more of what their EV Sport model looks like.Hopefully it comes to the States with more range than the E.

  3. Funny that you mention Volkswagen. This concept has a strong 1st gen-Golf-vibe to me. Very clear lines, classic Giugiaro.

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