New Zombie Saab SUV coming up?

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Today we have a few patent design pix from NEVS. The Chinese company that acquired Saab, years ago. And never really did anything with it. After tons of teaser announcements and cool illustrations.
These new pix look a lot like the prototype they showed last year (The white SUV above)
Except for a different front end. And one that looks much more like a Saab, for some reason.
Which begs a few questions:
– Are they really getting ready for an all new model?
– Why does it look more like a Saab now?
– Did they finally get the rights to use the name “Saab”?

By the way, they had also shown this other sedan prototype last year.
Which, I think, would have made a cool new Saab 9-3.

I mean why not. Volvo is doing terrific under Chinese ownership these days.
If NEVS could get their act together, maybe there is some life left in the Saab zombie…

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  1. Saab was a great brand, sadly the current owners have shown they aren't in any position to revitalize the brands spirit since they don't have rights to the name or produce anything worthwhile. Saab should of been purchased by Koenigsegg which wanted the brand.

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