2021 Acura TLX

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As expected, Acura is hard at work on the TLX sedan replacement.
The current generation has been on sale since 2014. And has not been very popular for the brand.

Of course, we all know sedans don’t sell as well as they used to. But they only sold around 26 500 of them last year. (from a high of over 47 000 in 2015)
While Lexus was still able to move over 51 000 units of the ES sedan in 2019…

We already know the next generation will resemble the Type S Concept from last year.
Which looked really good.
As you can see on this super grainy pictures, it seems like the production model could end up pretty close. As it should be.

There are a few rumors about the next TLX as well. The first one is about a new 3.0 Liter V6 turbo engine. (maybe an inline 6 and not a V6)
Which would also be used on the next MDX.

And maybe the return of the “Legend” name.
Both would be great news…

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  1. Let's hope you're right about the TLX looking like the Type S Concept. It would be the first Acura design I've liked since the…2008? TL

  2. They definitely need to bring back the names. It would be great to see names like Integra, Vigor and Legend again.

  3. Acura has no where to go but up! They made all the mistakes a near luxury car manufacturer can make!

  4. Their downturn began when they got rid of the model names and replaced it with alpha numeric. This sounds like good news.

  5. The first gen tsx and second generation tl were ahead of its time due to their unique personalities with lean chiseled exterior design and decent interior layout, along with some nice color combinations, like the camel interior on black… The rl of the same time period failed utterly since it didn't have its own personality and was priced too high.

    The name is only one part of the equation. They need to have better design language.

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