2021 Audi A3 sedan

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This is actually really good looking. At least to me.
The profile is really nice. A strange blend of classy yet aggressive.

The interior is still a bit weird to me. At least on these pictures (Maybe another trim and color…)
The center console looks really empty with the small Automatic transmission controler. I guess this is where a regular manual goes on the European models. But when replaced by this tiny control switch it looks a bit ridiculous.

The vents on top of the dash look a bit gimmicky. But the screen is very nicely integrated.
As for the door panels, there seem to be enough lines in there to design 4 or 5 doors…

The whole interior is a bit overdone but I wonder how it looks in the flesh.
I think it will compete well with the Mercedes A-Class. And will burry the horrible looking BMW 2 series GranCoupe thing.

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  1. When in doubt, chamfer.

    If you're going to have a big grille, you shouldn't try to make it so obviously made of plastic.

  2. Not crazy about the shape of the vents/fake vents in the front, but Audi does a large grill better than most. Overall, a much more aggressive and sporty exterior with great use of body etching. The interior however is far too busy.

  3. I'd say it does look more elegant than the hatchback in these pics, but it also seems to be more or less all new sheet metal over old body (the greenhouse looks identical to the current car, wheelbase, trunk volume etc. unchanged, only more front headroom because of lowered driver seat; SO proportions might still look a bit awkward in flesh;

    What I am certain though is that this rather dramatic and overdone design will age much less gracefully than the previous, more elegant Audi designs.

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