2021 Genesis G80

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Just saw this picture of a few new G80s parked in Korea, probably waiting to be delivered. (top)
And I noticed the wheel design I had not seen before. Which does look quite nice, if a bit busy.
Heading over to the configuration I found they were actually some of standard wheels on the base 2.5 Liter model. (bottom)
Good job for standard wheels. I think…

And by the way, you too can head over HERE and configure your own 2021 Genesis G80.
I must say, they do have plenty of colors to pick from, and many interior combos.

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  1. like the wheels, remind me of the 1970s Pontiac Trans Am a bit
    the top picture of the white car looks awful, they really need to paint the B and C pillars black (like the bottom picture). can't tell if it's supposed to be chrome but it definitely does not look good… even on the dark SUV in the top pic, the large chrome area around the rear window just looks cheap

  2. The white stuff on the B and C pillars is a plastic cover to protect during shipping. It is actually black, just like eon the bottom picture.

  3. Harry and FFEM are correct.. the wheels make the car look way cheaper and less premium than it should.. and covering the pillars completely points out how similar the design cues between the G80 and GV80 are. Hope that doesn't mean the next G70 will follow the kind of odd/quirky design we've seen of the GV70 prototypes so far.

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