2021 Hyundai EV. Cool wheels.

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Looks like Hyundai will offer quite a choice of cool wheels on their upcoming EV.

As I mentioned before, it looks like this could be a replacement for the Ioniq.
Since most “regular” Hyundai models will be available as regular hybrids or Plug-in hybrids, this would be their only (for now) pure EV.
The design is heavily based on the 45 Concept (bottom pic)
And it will probably be marketed as an SUV, or at least a Crossover. Since that’s the only thing people seem to be buying these days.
All it takes is that plastic cladding around the wheels. The production models also looks like it is sitting a bit higher.

This could end up looking really cool, even it toned down quite a bit from the concept.
A retro futuristic design inspired by their early models designed by Giugiaro is a great idea.
This would be much more attractive than the Leaf.
(Poor Leaf. It seems that Nissan has been sitting on it for years…)

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  1. this is an excellent angular design direction i think future cars will copy/ follow this look. Clean crisp

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