2021 Jaguar EV illustrations Vs.Spy shots

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These new illustrations of the upcoming all new Jaguar XJ look pretty off to me.
Which is great.
The spy shots are quite promising. Showing what looks like a big hatchback (Just like the Mercedes EQS) And quite a muscular shape.
The illustrations water the whole thing down. Plus, the rear end is way off, I think.

Jaguar has lost their personality years ago. Their current crop of sedans look more like Subaru sedans than Jaguars. These illustrations above show a super generic shape that could be anything.

This needs to be great. It needs to be a Jaguar.
And please, bring the wood back inside!

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  1. Not a real march here, the boot of the prototype is not at all the same shape. The real thing seems much better than this conservative rendering.

  2. Most outside of England tend to have this storybook perception of England. Yes, they still build classic Morgans, have old castles, tea and Roll Royces, but their beloved Jaguar deviated from this norm. New Jaguars may be nice but look like some other car. The new XJ shown above continues to look like something else which I also think is a shame.

    Shame on you England!

  3. Jaguar and Land Rover has been taken over by India's TATA motors for a while…
    So England's colonism has come back to bite them in the motherland!

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