2021 Kia Sedona

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Just another spy shots of the all new 2021 Kia Sedona minivan. Driving around…

Confirming a much more angular design. Which might end up looking like a big kia Should. With a front end more similar to the Seltos or the new Sorento (Which means “quite busy”)

And yes, the new Sedona will still be sold in the US.

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  1. That one is obviously a lower trim model with those small wheels and tires. Not sure other than interior that this will truly be an improvement, but at least they haven't given up on the minivan. Not sure what we would have done without ours when the kids were much younger.

  2. Is there a rule that all minivans sliding door handle cant be in the same location where sedans and crossovers door handles are to make it look as much as a crossover as much as possible. That is literally the biggest give away it isnt a crossover

  3. What's the "kia Should" lol? Jamayl…there's a pretty clear reason why the door handles appear where they do on a sliding door. If you had them at the back like a regular door, people would think they are supposed to open like a regular door and pull them outwards. Also, there would be additional strain on a closed door if the handle was at the rearmost point instead of where it is on minivan door handles. WHO CARES where the handle is?

  4. You got to be pretty dumb to think the doors would open like a sedan by easily looking at the lines of the door to tell they slide. And besides it is 2020 minivans have power sliding doors these says. Also what you kean who cares? Why else make the Sedona making it look as much as a crossover as much as possible?

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