2021 Kia Sonet

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The new Sonet will be Kia’s smallest SUV.
It was shown as a concept in India last February (bottom pic)
And, as you can see, the production model is basically the same thing.

This is basically Kia’s version of the Hyundai Venue. It is supposed to go on sale in August for the Indian market. It looks like the interior design is inspired by the new Kia Sorento. Which is too bad. As it looks like it will inherit the Sorento’s weird (and cheap looking) silver plastic vents…

Since we do get the Venue in the US, I would think Kia would send this one over here as well.
Which, I guess,  will be competing with their own “Soul” and about the same price.

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  1. KIA also has the small Seltos which is only sold in a handful of markets, including Australia. Its odd how they don't use it across to other markets.

  2. Like the Venue, it should be a few inches shorter than the Soul and have a 1.6 engine. I'm amazed that with all of the activity at this end of the market that VW is totally ignoring sub-compacts.

  3. The Kia Seltos might be taking over the Soul spot as you get more bang for the buck, plus optional AWD.
    It makes sense to ditch the Soul and offer the Sonnet instead (Sadly SAAB was going to use the Sonnet name for its smallest offering but that's another story).

  4. The Soul is one of Kia's best selling model. Year after year. It would make no sense to "ditch" it.

    Of course you do get more in the Seltos than the Soul. Just because the Seltos starts at almost $5000 more than the Soul.
    They are not in the same price segment .
    There is still room to price the Sonet above the Venue. Which would be slightly above the Soul. And still cheaper than the Seltos.
    But is it really worth more than the Venue?

  5. I don't see that many new Souls, and yes it might be $5,000 less expensive, the few I see, but they are well equipped. This leave the gap between both Soul and Seltos narrower. I still rather go for the latter.

    Selling the Sonnet the US is a good idea but it should have standard AWD.

  6. Maybe the Soul will become an EV only as a distinct model from rest.
    Would love the Seltos to come to UK instead of Stonic, looks more like a true SUV. This Sonnet model would be a great 'City' SUV below Seltos.
    SUV range of Sonnet, Seltos, Sportage, Sorrento and Telluride, would be good.

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