2021 Mitsubishi Outlander

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The top picture is just an illustration.
But it does look a lot like the actual prototype spied in the middle photo.
And a  realistic toned down version of the Engelberg concept in the 3rd pic.
The grille on the prototype driving around does seem a bit different. But overall, it looks like we will be getting something pretty scary from Mitsubishi.
Sure, such a forgotten brand does need something to get noticed. But this is pretty drastic.
It is a common problem with many Japanese manufacturers. After years of being criticized fo being boring, they go overboard the other way. (like Lexus with their current grille)
Blunt, obnoxious and convoluted is not a way to go through life…

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  1. I always route for the underdog! Look how successful the Nissan Juke was for the brand.

  2. FFEMT6.. how many years? Because if you've been saying Mitsubishi wouldn't last another decade in the US for over 10 years.. you've clearly been proven wrong! 😁

  3. Poor Mitsubishi needs some major assistance or intervention in regards to styling. The concept was already awkward and unattractive. If the production version is only going to be a toned down version of an undesirable concept, then Mitsubishi is in some serious trouble.

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