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These new patent drawings for the production version of the Ariya EV look very similar to the concept we saw last year (color pix)
Which is actually not that surprising. Since the concept looked very close to production. (It even had fake rear side windows)

The concept looked great, and I am sure the production model has the potential to be quite a hit for Nissan. If priced right.
This looks quite compact, and will mainly compete with the upcoming Chevrolet “Bolt based Crossover” and existing models like the Hyundai Kona EV or electric version of the Kia Niro.

Let’a hope they price it low enough to compete. The long range Leaf is already starting at over $38 000. A crazy price that puts it right agains the superior Tesla Model 3.
The new Ariya needs to start at under $35 000 it Nissan wants to sell any.

Maybe this will basically replace the leaf in the US line up?

No matter what, this is shaping up top be a very nice looking car. Which is great news. 

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  1. Two of Nissan's chief complaints that have always been at public debate have been cheap interiors materials transmissions and their CVT transmissions. Personally, I never had an issue with the latter with any of the Nissan products I've owned. But I couldn't stand many of the plastics surfaces that would scratch just by touch.

    Now that Nissan will offer the upscaled looking Ariya, we sure know it won't have any CVT issues as there won't be one, and hopefully as an upscale vehicle is will have nice interior materials. Yes, the Leaf also doesn't include CVT but their interior materials are questionable.

  2. Not just similar, but completely spot on. Is Nissan actually going to produce the design in concept form for the street? That's a really attractive design, and thoroughly modern. Looking forward to seeing it.

  3. If they can just make it through these hard times, Nissan is going to crush it if they keep doing what they've been doing lately

  4. I wonder why there are charging filler doors on both sides of the patent drawings, it would be cool if they are on both sides. That way you have more flexibility depending on how you park in your garage.

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