2021 Nissan Rogue. More pix

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Looks like at least the top of the line model will get a digital display.
The semi-tablet middle screen is pretty blah… And I can see some wood trim here and there. the whole thing seems much more upscale than the current Rogue.

The rear end does look much nicer on this picture than the one I posted earlier.
Again, more to come. Soon…

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  1. I'm not a big fan of boxy designs but I think this looks good. Strantely the V Motion grill, which doesn't work on some models really works well here. The interior is a vast improvement.

    I especially love the taller windows, the greenhouse is dramatically improved and will offer Subaru like visibility. As a father of two very young kids, this is great as they can see out the window.

    Good job Nissan

  2. It makes sense that we are seeing this leak out now. I’m certain the Rogue was supposed to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show which would have been ongoing this week had COVID-19 not shut everything down and pushed the show into August. Now that it has leaked out, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of official reveal soon. I like what I’m seeing in these leaked photos. I’m not a fan of the split light look in front,
    but it seems to work ok here. That interior looks amazing and much more upscale compared to the current version.

    As for the Pathfinder, my guess is the original plan would have been to unveil it in June at the Detroit Auto Show. Now that the show has been canceled (again due to COVID-19), that plan obviously goes out the window. Nissan has gone on record that it will stay on track with its product launches, but has said nothing official about reveals. The Rogue was directly mentioned as planned to be on sale early fall (September?). There was no word on the Pathfinder. It’s possible we could see Pathfinder revealed in August at the rescheduled New York Show, (that is of course provided it doesn’t get canceled or postponed again) with an on sale date of late fall/early winter (November/December?).

  3. I'm thinking There is a brighter future around the corner at Nissan if this is any indication. Then Pathfinder as well as Frontier if they are done right. The new Sentra points also in this same direction.

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