2021 VW Tiguan

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The top picture is the revised 2021 version. While at the bottom, we have the current version.
Both pictures are of the shorter European model. Not the long wheelbase version that is sold in the US.

As you can see, the main revision is, of course, up front. (and probably new lights and bumper in the back as well)

Our longer US version is supposed to get the same changes soon.
Nothing drastic really. It just makes the Tiguan look a bit more like the new Golf.
Unfortunately, I don’t think it will also come with a new interior. Which is too bad.
Since the Tiguan really needs one.
I test drove one for a week a few years ago, and that interior looked really cheap. Even in the $32 000 version I had. Basically, the materials were worst than almost anything else in its class. (on top of zero sense of design)
Especially when comparing it to something like the Mazda CX-5.

The engine was also noisy and quite rough when slightly pushed. And the transmission easily confused  in anything more than super slow driving around town.
But, somehow, some people just don’t care. Or don’t look around. Since VW sold over 109 000 of them last year. Which, I have to say, is still  less than a third of the “much better” Honda CR-V numbers. (So most people are not fooled)

I also think VW should consider selling the shorter version (pictured here) in the US.
Which would give them an instant cheaper SUV to sell here.
But again, they are not known for making good decisions. Especially regarding the US market…

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  1. So the old "box with wheels" is getting a fresh "Box with wheels" look, excuse me while I go do some cartwheels.

    Their slogan should be "Ve design Nothing"

  2. The Tiguan’s boxy design is still way better looking than the overstyled rolling cartoons offered by most of the competition. What the Tiguan needs is a more refined drivetrain like the GTI engine offered overseas and better interior materials (the design is fine). And VW should smarten up and offer the SWB version in the US.

  3. I think the current one looks better, but thanks to #Dieselgate, I would never buy any VW group vehicle anyway.

  4. Just to let you know: The picture is an illustration. I read the article in German "Auto Bild", is says that the picture is computer generated based on inside information.

  5. I think you were just prepared to hate the Tiguan the day you drove it. I picked the Tiguan because in terms of ride and handling, interior finish and room was superior to the others, and picked mine in black with the R-line package and in my opinion it looks so much better than the competition, it looks a class above and most people think i paid more than i did. I also found the transmission to shift pretty smoothly. The only thing this car is missing is more power and i agree the engine can be a little loud when cold.

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