2022 Ford Mustang

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This is just an illustration from the magazine Autocar.
Which looks like an evolution of the current generation. A bit cleaner maybe…

As we know, the next generation Mustang is supposed to share the CD6 RWD platform of the current Explorer. Which would be nice since it would mean a very modern platform for the Mustang.
Although recent rumors have also mentioned the next generation could actually be using an updated version of its current platform to save costs. (Which would be sad…)

A Hybrid version was originally scheduled for this or next year, but was instead pushed to the next generation.
Apparently, the hybrid will be a sportier option. Still using a V8. But adding 2 electric motors for the front wheels. Basically creating an AWD Mustang.

I really wish they could come up  with a plug-in model. And, with 2 electric motors, most people wouldn’t need a V8. A turbo 4 plug-in hybrid with over 50 miles EV range could really be an attractive choice for many. And fast enough for most.

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  1. The rendering is inaccurate and misleading, as the final design is NOT fully done. That will hopefully be done by August yet, thanks to CV setbacks.

    It is not a 2022 model so don't call it the "2022 Mustang", which will be 95% the same as the current car and 99% of 2021 Mustang.

    Secondly, S650 is NOT on the CD6 platform and I am tired of saying this, considering it has been reported otherwise. It's conjecture. 2023 S650 is still on currently 16 year old D2C, an offshoot 1999's DEW98, launched in October 2004.

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