More pictures of the new 2021 Genesis G80. Colors!

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One thing the Genesis G80 will offer, that almost no one else does: colors!

It is actually hard not to get any color on a car. Most manufacturers offer black, white, and a few shades of grey (sometimes 2 or 3 versions of black!)
You’re lucky to get a red o a blue.

But look at these Genesis colors. Brown, green (They have actually 2 greens!) blue, blue green.
And many more not pictured here.
Same inside.

I am really curious to see the first reviews on this. And of course, pricing. Which, unfortunately, could be too high, I’m afraid.
Since the GV 80 SUV already starts at around $49 000.
This could very well start at around $45 000. Which, I think, is still a little bit too much for an all new brand.
Of course, it will still be cheaper than the overpriced German competition.
But still… It needs to attract new buyers to the brand.

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  1. When someone is gifted cars to test on a regular basis, they think what they drive is what everyone drives.

    I heard autowriters rag on other autowriters that don't own their own stuff. They get so much "Test" vehicles they have none of their own. Of course to remain on the test list they give good reviews.

    Or flood their web site with one brands "Spy" offerings for weeks.

    I'm not judging.

  2. All the haters spewing on Burlapp should instead get of their big fat lazy arses and start maintaining your own car blog instead of trolling here.

  3. Derivative styling and boring. Front screams Bentley with oversized grille, side profile screams first gen A7/current Honda Accord and the back screams Lincoln MKZ. But then again, the Koreans are only good at knocking off other brands. No originality whatsoever.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Genesis has come into its own with this vehicle! It's a shame that sedans are on their way out, though (which I think is a shame!).

  5. That grille is ghastly! But overall looks nice with a nice interior but would anyone really buy this over an E-class or A6? I think its going to sell as well as the Continental.

  6. Beautiful. Hoping it comes to the U S soon. I think the GV 80 will be the better seller of the two models.

  7. @Patrick This concern trolling of yours is getting really old really fucking fast. Go find something else to do, you dip.

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