Mystery VW almost revealed?

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VW’s Herbert Diess posted this picture of himself, mentioning his current confinement.
He also made sure a new VW model was also featured in the photo.

But which one is it?
It doesn’t look like the new ID.4 EV.
It could be the next generation Tiguan. But a refresh of the current model is around the corner. Which means an all new one is at least 2 years away..

What do you think?

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  1. I thought that was the nivus lol. I wonder what that is, I doubt the Tiguan since the Tiguan's front fascia is more like the Golf's.

  2. Could def be the next gen Tiguan, whose design is probably locked in around now, even though the facelift of the current gen hasn’t debuted yet. To the other comment – this face DOES resemble the new Golf, which makes sense for the next gen.

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