VW Viloran minivan

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The new VW Viloran is not a bad looking minivan at all.
Except fort that ‘kind of old” looking interior. Which reminds me a bit too much of the Atlas, where everything seems flat.

It seems quite upscale. And probably almost luxurious. And if the market depended it, I am sure it would work in the US. As it seems quite large.
So far, the only engine is the usual 2.0 Liter Turbo VW is using everywhere.
( I bet a V6 would be welcome)

And this is only available in China. Since the only VW Minivan we will be getting is the upcoming production version of the I-D Buzz, whenever it is finally ready…

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  1. Pretty slick looking for a minivan. No need to bring it to the US market, though. VW doesn't need to try to re-enter a dwindling segment of the market here.

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