2021 Acura TLX: The good pix!!!

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As usual, better pictures do make the car look so much better.
I still wish Acura could release more photos of the “non Type-S” model, since this is what will be the most popular by far.
( I guess the brown interior is the regular model?)
Also, I am really, really not a big fan of these red interiors. So it’s hard to judge from these pictures.
It is obvious the interior design basically looks like a car version of the RDX. I also still wish the screen was better integrated.
The last time I drove the RDX at night the screen was a bit high and distracting. I also wonder why they didn’t make it a bit wider. There seems to be too much empty space on each side of it.
Otherwise, as I said, it looks much better than on the previous grainy pictures.
And it alsmot has RWD proportions, just like the Volvo S60. Which is very nice.
The S-Type will be available a full year from now.
At launch, only the base and “A-Spec” package will be available. It has its own platform so it is not a “fancy Accord”.
As mentioned earlier, the only engine available this year will be a 272HP version of teh 2.0 Liter Turbo.
With a 10 speed automatic.
No new specs on the V6 yet.
SH-AWD is an option on the 2.0 Liter and standard with the Type-S V6.

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  1. First of all, I don't believe it has it's own platform, but second of all, you mean Acura designed it's own platform and kept FWD???

  2. Acura is desperately trying to "sportify" its image. The challenge is that its customers are average Joes looking for a nice commuter car with above average reliability and better warranty than Honda. So the type-S is unnecessary and will probably sell a small volume. The benchmark is the Accord and the base engine is plenty for the crowd buying this car.

  3. FromAcura:
    "Built on a new dedicated Acura sedan platform designed for Type-S levels of performance. The Acura TLX's all-new chassis is anchored to an advanced new body structure"
    As for FWD, not everyone wants RWD and most buyers don't even care.
    Audi and Volvo are doing just fine with FWD based models.

  4. Given that this has a touchpad, it looks like the RSX won't be updated with a touchscreen any time soon 🙁

  5. One of the features I don't like about this car is the central dial located on the HAVC area. It seems out of place and makes the environment look way too busy.

  6. What is the fuss about the central dial? It looks fine to me. Plus you will look at it once. Then on to driving.

  7. The proportions do a decent job of hiding the TLX’s FWD platform. Definitely one of Acura’s better design jobs. Too bad the same can’t be said about the interior.

  8. The exterior, while an improvement over the current car, still looks a little awkward to me. I am not a fan of those Type S wheels. The concept wheels were far better. As far as the interior, anything without the dual screens is an improvement, however this seems very busy, and while similar, not as good an execution as the RDX.

  9. This looks great. Among the best in the segment imo. A nice shift from fussy and awkward designs of Acura's recent past. This has excellent proportions. I wouldn't know which wheels were being drive or what way the engine was oriented if I wasn't told.
    Both of those wheel options are s e x y too (think I prefer the simpler NSX styled ones though).

    The interior is growing on me. The materials and finishes look very well appointed. I like the overall gesture they're going for with the swooping wing shape or whatever. Just not sold on the vents. And the track-pad interface is too finicky.

    I think this will signal a needed shift for the brand. I don't see a fancy Accord anymore (beyond that dumb shifter, buttons are pulled straight from a Honda…). New engine, new platform, new range topping trim that's more than an appearance package. If they maintain their pricing models roughly, this could undercut the competition and potentially be on par or surpass the Germans in a few areas.

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