2021 Acura TLX video (in “BurlappVision”)

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Official footage from Acura. See the all-new TLX in pretty much every angle possible, inside and out.

And also some really nice driving footage.

This is looking really good for Acura so far…

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  1. Burlapp, it would be better if they returned with the RSX (Integra)from years back in pure 2 door form.

  2. Ok, after viewing this video, I retract my original statement about the interior styling. I now feel the interior is better than the RDX, and even best in a very respective class. The exterior, while a huge improvement over the previous TLX, still looks somewhat unproportionate. The very long elegant hood and nicely raked windshield ending in a not as sloping rear roofline and very stubby tail. More like a Mazda 3 with a larger hood, than the more cohesive overall Mazda 6 for example. Even the Honda Accord's roofline is better, and the gorgeous Genesis G80 imo. Something was lost during the transition from Concept to production in this regard. To my eye, the concept didn't have the same issue. Perhaps I am being too critical. Overall though, Acura needed this car, and they did a great job, especially since they finally brought back the DWB front suspension design. This car is going to be a handler.

  3. Yes because coupes are such a hot selling segment right now… brilliant business decision.

    This looks great though. They finally shed the FWD proportions that plagued the older models. That long hood and wheelbase are nice. And the tail has a cool stubby look, sort of like a Giulia.

    I'm warming to the interior now. It's not minimalist like the rest of the industry, but the complexity is interesting and the materials look excellent. The exposed LED lighting is a little weird.

    I hope this sells well and signals better cars from Acura going forward.

  4. Loving the hood and front wheel-to-door proportions.. reminds me of the unloved Vigor from the early 1990s (which later became the TL and now TLX). Shame that since they've gone with a 3-light side window treatment they couldn't have incorporated a nod to the Vigor's unique rear quarter/window design, it would have been unique to the class at least.

  5. While I would love to see this also, with all manufacturers concentrating so hard on SUV development, I don't see it happening for a very long time. I would love to see Honda reintroduce the Prelude as well. With all the history of that name, I do expect that to eventually happen.

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