2021 BMW 4 series

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Not really a surprise. Since we have seen the ghastly new face on the concept last year.
This is just the ultimate evolution of recent horrible and obnoxious BMW grilles.

Which is really too bad, since it seems the rest of the car will look quite nice (From what we have seen of the concept and spy shots)
As usual, this is what used to be called “3 series coupe”. A 2 door version of the 3 series sedan.
I wonder if the future mid-cycle facelift of the 3 series will include the new grille…

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  1. We will be used to it in a couple of years after we see it in the flesh. These are the typical idiotic photos, like the car is about to run you over as you are laying on the ground.

  2. With a face like that I guess it must have a fantastic personality 🙂

    Bet it gets a more refined grille for the mid-cycle refresh if not sooner.

  3. BMW needs to fire the head of its design department ASAP and whichever executives agreed to the larger grill designs the last few years also should resign. BMW has lost its way, they are far from the "Ultimate Driving Machine".

  4. except for front end, its exactly like the profile of the original g35 infiniti coupe…..yes it does

  5. Grille is the only thing on the car that’s even remotely interesting. No wonder two door coupes are going the way of the dodo.

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