2021 Genesis G80 pricing

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– The “base” 2.5 Turbo model with 300HP will start at $47 700.
– “Advance” model is $52 300
– “Prestige” model is $56 600
– 3.5 Liter V6 Turbo with 375HP starts at $59 100. But it is equipped like the Advance version.

AWD is a pricey $3150 option.

The base price is over $5000 more than the previous version. (The one that sold only about 7000 units last year…)
I know this is probably a much nicer car than the one it replaces, but it is now quite pricey for a sedan from an all-new brand. Of course, when compared to the German competition that starts at around $55 000, it is still a “deal”.

I also think the “around $7 000” premium for the V6 is crazy and will just be the death of that option.

The Advance version seems to be the best deal since it comes with pretty much everything. Including a panoramic roof and a 21 speaker sound system. That will probably be the most popular choice.

I guess it will depend on lease pricing as well. Since most cars in this segment are actually leased.
What do you think? Is the new G80 too expensive to make a dent in the market?

This from Genesis:

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  1. Vince, where did you get the "around $7K," difference between 2.5 and 3.5 G80's. The cheapest G80 2.5 is listed at $47,700, and the equivalent G80 3.5 is $59,100. Am I missing something?

  2. The 3.5 "standard" equipment is pretty much the equivalent of what you get in the "Advanced" version of the 2.5.
    There is no real "base" model for the V6, although they still call the less expensive version of the V6 "Standard".

    (Hope that makes a little bit of sense…)

  3. About $7K less than an E Class and if the new car’s sized comparably with the 2020 G80 a whole lot roomier than the Mercedes. I know you think Mercedes buyers will never consider this but we’ve owned lots of Mercedes and I’m very interested. Why? Because it’s not more of the same old same old. That’s a big reason my friends are switching to Teslas from Mercs and BMW’s. They got bored.

  4. They are falling into the Cadillac mispricing trap. Until the badge is accepted, they need to be mindful of pricing(15% too high.) Until then they will be moving small volumes.

  5. I agree the pricing is too high for an un proven brand. The new GV80 has aggressive pricing as well. Hyundai seems to think their products have a proven history. NOT YET! With both of these new models. Genesis is competing with Lexus & Acura & Lincoln, not BMW or Audi. I think they are going to run into a lot of price resistance when compared with the Japanese/American competition. Those brands have strong reliability and dealer experiences. The only Genesis dealers around us are being sold out of Hyundai stores.

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