2021 Hyundai Santa Fe interior

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As we have seen from previous spy photos, the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe will not be an all-new car. But a refresh.
Same thing inside, as you can see (2021 model is the top photo)
Only the bottom part of the dash and console has been redesigned. For a much more modern look.
That doesn’t really match the top part anymore. With its cheap-looking screen that looks like an aftermarket unit.

At least the quality seems higher as well.

There is a rumor of a hybrid or plug-in hybrid being added to the 2021 line up.
I guess the will compete directly with the new Toyota Venza.
As well as other 5 seater mid-sized crossovers.

They sold a bit over 127 000 of these last year.
Which is about 11 000 less than the Ford Edge.  (But almost twice as many as the Nissan Murano. Poor guy…)

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  1. Didn't Chrysler already try that center console design on the 200? A lot of wasted space and an unusable shelf underneath. Do these designers even try their own designs? For the driver to reach anything under there they'd have to put their forehead on the steering wheel and blindly grab for whatever's there.

  2. I am loving that they are using the Palisade sweeping center console design. That design is very space efficient and practical.

  3. This is a 10 year old dash design that first appeared on the 2010 Toyota Prius. It wastes a lot of space.

  4. That's is one big advantage of moving to shift by wire and electronic parking brake, opens up a lot space. When you have a partner or kids, you'd appreciate it. Moving to electric platform especially skateboard would further increase cabin space with flat floor, no transmission tunnel, no engine bay, etc.

  5. Similar yes, but Hyundai has perfected it. We have a Palisade, and it is incredible how much space you have in, around, and under it.

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