2021 Hyundai Tucson

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Yes, this is still just an illustration.
But I think it does look pretty good.

If the production model is anything close to this (it looks like it could, from the various spy shots we have seen), it would be quite a strong competition to the Rav-4 and CR-V.
And the interior (HERE) is very promising as well. Much more upscale with a very nicely integrated screen.

Things are looking good for the new Tucson. I even don’t mind the weirdo side surfacing Hyundai has introduced on the new Elantra. At least from this illustration, it seems to look better on an SUV shape.

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  1. Totally agree that the new Tucson illustration looks sharp! Not sure it will look like that however!

  2. Hyundai has been knocking it out the park lately. So glad they're still in the business of taking tasteful risks when it comes to design. I got nervous a few years ago, but they are back on track.

  3. Everything looks pretty good with the exception of one design element that instantly dates it, the squared off wheel arches. That is a deal breaker in my eyes. A shame really.

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