2021 Mercedes E-Class convertible

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I really like the current E-Class convertible. Which is a classy, simple design.  But I am not sure that mid-cycle refresh (top pic) is such an improvement. It now has that inverted “angry face” grille that other, cheaper Mercedes models have. And still massive fake plastic vents openings. (You know. the ones that are not actually “open”…)
I actually like the current design better…

Minute changes inside. I notice that analog clock seems to be gone.
And that new Mercedes steering wheel still looks overdone and almost weird to me.
Otherwise there seems to be nothing else new.

Not sure this was worth it…

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  1. That new wheel is GORGEOUS. Very elegant and reminiscent of classic interiors like the Z8. The old one looks like a screeching alien face in comparison.

    I don't mind the new face. It's just a slight tweak overall. I was never fond of the way the old headlights pinched into the grille surround and made it puff forward. Looks dated now.

  2. how many buttons on that steering wheel and how easy will it be for someone to find the right one without looking? I've spent most of 2019 in rental cars and I've learned first hand how important it is to have large, easily recognized buttons… in my opinion Jeep/Chrysler have the best setup: large, clear buttons, front AND back of the wheel (the back ones are for volume and radio tuning) Mazda and VW the worse (lots of little buttons)

    not sure the new MB wheel is a step forward, how long will it take for someone to learn what all those buttons do? think of older people, most won't use them

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