2021 Mercedes EQB

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Even though this is just an illustration, it seems really close to the various spy shots we have seen f the real thing.

And it is pretty sad. It looks like Mercedes has just given up on designing their EVs.
As this is just a GLB with a new front end. At least the EQC looks a little bit different from the GLC.
But this i sjust the same thingas the GLB.

Which is sad. VW seems to be the one really pushing their EVs with totally new designs.
Why create a whole parallel line up of cars if they look the same?
Why not call this the GLB electric?

They are not fooling anyone. Literally. As the EQC has, so far, been a major flop in Europe.
I predict this will do even worse.

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  1. Why does it need to be different? They just released the GLB so it's a fresh design. Having the EQB look different "just because" so that it will stand out is a waste of development money. Some folks just want an electric vehicle that looks like a conventional model.

  2. Agreed, although maybe Merc and BMW are thinking that we are not ready to change both propulsion method and design in one leap. Look at popularity of e-Niro, but I agree why not call it GLBe.

  3. The only thing volume selling electrics have in common is that they’re made by Tesla. This won’t change that.

  4. After all the hype by MSM and environmentalists experts to push these type of vehicles; the world’s BEV and hybrid vehicles is still less then 1% market share and in the U.S. is around 2%!

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