2021 Mercedes GLA

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The pictures we have seen before of the new and redesigned GLA were of the European version.
This is the model that will be sold in the US.
Power comes from the usual 2.0 Liter Turbo. It now makes 221HP on the GLA.
The new GLA is almost 4 inches taller than before. So it doesn’t look as “sporty”.
Now it looks more like a tall hatchback. Almost like a Subaru.
The current model starts at around $34 500. Not cheap. Especially now that it doesn’t look that special anymore. Its base price is around the price of a loaded Mazda CX-5 Turbo with everything.
At least the GLB looks quite different. And is super roomy. For just around $2000 more it seems a bit more special. 

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  1. For a person that has rightly trashed Mazda for their velcro style tablet stuck to the dash, there's no remarks on the plank of LCD on this one.

    How much you getting paid to keep your mouth shut?
    I don't take you seriously, never have.

  2. too small and the interior is all screens. no style or panache…just computer screens. this style will eventually evolve into something better. its a lazy way to design an interior.

  3. You'd think with the GLB coming along around the same time, they would have tried harder to differentiate the GLA.. but adding that extra rear quarter window and raising the roof actually made the two much more similar than they would have been before.

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