2021 Mercedes S-Class: Whaaa???

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Outside we have a rather boring. Invisible and bland looking car. Something that no one except current Mercedes owners or obsessed fans will notice.
Yet inside, we have something totally unexpected. And so far, that interior doesn’t look luxurious to me.
It looks like a next-generation Tesla Model S with a Mercedes steering wheel added to it.
Which is not great. As the Model S has the least luxurious interior of anything for the price.
Copying it is really not the way to go. Especially for Mercedes.
The current S-Class has one of the most luxurious interior anywhere.
I was expecting something like this on their new EQS electric sedan.
But not for the regular S-Class.

It is almost not dignified enough for the mighty S-Class. And totally out of touch with the exterior design.

Could this be a weird prototype with the S-Class body and EQS interior?

What do you think?

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  1. Why is that interior totally unexpected? That's what the spy shots have hinted at for months for the new S-Class, which you've posted about on here yourself.

  2. Floating screens are only cool if they're actually floating.

    I wonder what's in the big maw on the other side of the gauge screen. Too big for HUD.

  3. I personally like the interior design, but not for a the S Class. It has always catered to the executive level class and an older demographic that still prefers traditional luxury touches on the interior. You're right Vince this does not give off the impression that this is an S Class from the inside, rather it could be pretty much anything these days.

    As for the exterior, the front is seriously boring and the rear reminds me too much of the A Class sedan or certain Kia products. All good cars but should not be referenced with an S Class.

  4. I am sure they will charge $1,000 for a microfiber towel to get the fingerprints off the shiny cheap looking interior surfaces. If this were any other car maker, the negative remarks would be much worse.

  5. This backlash is so typical of car "enthusiasts" online. Crying about something too boring/not changing enough. Crying when something changes too much. Crying because new cars aren't carbon copies of late 90s models that are somehow consider sacred classics now and have established an aesthetic baseline for the majority of those online now.

  6. Well, the dashboard is ugly. Different for the sake of being different is not enough when it looks this shiny & chintzy.

    Furthermore, digging thru layers of menus & sub-menu after sub-menu results in horrible ergonomics. I would not be surprised if this whole thing were very distracting when driving at night.

    How long do cars last? Better yet— how long do IPADs last ??? Hmmmm.. even today you can find S-Class cars from the 80's that still going strong. This thing prolly will not come close to equaling that

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