2021 Nissan Kicks teaser

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These are teasers for the revised Nissan Kicks for 2021. We have seen it before (HERE), there there is really nothing new. Unless the interior has been revised too.
So far, I think it looks pretty nice…
It will be inviled next week on the 15th of May. 

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  1. Damn, you guys are good, guess the cat's out of the bag. New changes to the interior, and oh yeah e-power. Get ready for it, it's going to be a much faster car than the previous version. Expect 130+ hp. The real treat this year will be the Pathfinder and the Z in October

  2. Nissan is ready for a major comeback. Mazda is the one applying for billions in assistance. They (Nissan) just announced to Dealers in North America that they will introduce 10 new models or significantly refreshed models in the next 14 months. My opinion only, but I feel that a Nissan franchise is going to double in value over the next 24n months

  3. What a BS post by 5:15 am. The Pathfinder is most certainly not 5 years late but it is delayed from a fall 2018 launch.

    You are clearly very ignorant of model life cycles and comment without doing actual research to support your insipid claims.

    Real money has been spent on higher quality Nissan products for the 2020s and some of them have already arrived over the last year.

    The question is how feasible is it to make money on these vehicles or launch them as intended with much higher quality?

    Not whether they have done the effort to improve. Some of you and your ridiculous biases, which have no eye on the inside nor into the future.


  4. Good point 2:18 p.m., that is the plan in reality, but the Carlos Ghosn scandal, covid-19, and other Financial issues how made me question how feasible these ambitions still are?

    I used to own roughly $2 million dollars in Nissan shares. I sold it all during the scandal.

    A lot of the negative idiots commenting regarding this brand think it's okay to always base information on old failures, versus recovering from your mistakes and doing better going forward.


  5. very educated and successful people posting here recently. Im with the rich stock owning guy.
    heres the bottom line…..Nissan is in for a major resurgence. All manufacturers use many CVT transmissions now. Nissan was a leader and paid a price for that. The reward is that they now have a very good CVT and they have focused heavily on quality and interior finesse. They will have to charge more for these units, but they are still very competitive. The future post Covid will be strong as the industry rebounds and Nissan is poised to be a main player

  6. I'm sorry, but Nissan's days are numbered. First the scandal, and now with the pandemic and fleet sales essentially drying up, I can't imagine there is much hope left.

    Couple that with the fact their
    lineup is staler than month old bread even with redesigns!Bragging about a 3 row cuv that is literally 5 years behind when it should've been redesigned, is not really any reassurance. And while the Z may be the next halo car for them, it's not going to sell enough to keep the lights on.

    But, having said all that, Infiniti is likely to go first. That has been inevitable for some time.

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