2022 Lexus IS

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Small. Grainy. Blurry and distorted.

So far that’s not much. But it is ht next-generation Lexus IS sedan. So at least we know for sure there will be a “next-generation”.

A while ago, some Lexus exec had hinted at a possible new body type to replace the slow-selling IS.
Something more like a wagon. Or at least a fastback/hatchback type.

But it looks like what we are getting is just another small sedan. Or, that crazy camouflage could be hiding something a bit more interesting.
Just repeating the small sedan act might not be enough to boost sales.

(They sold less than 15 000 of these last year…)

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  1. Lexus is soon also bringing out the 2021 ES 250 AWD, which features the Camry’s 2.5L 4-cylinder engine.

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