2022 Mazda6

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This is obviously NOT the real thing. Thank God.

I guess many have now tried to guess what the next mazda6 will look like. Most illustrations I have seen look pretty much like the current car. Even though we know it will be RWD.
But this is totally unrealistic. And actually really boring at the same time.

Please no…

I really hope Mazda comes out with a stunning design for the new 6. Although it will be pretty late.
And might find a market where sedans are even less popular than now.
Apparently, the price is rumored to be very similar to the current model. Which would be nice, since it is supposed to be even more upscale.

It might just be too late…

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  1. As I have said repeatedly, more power across the board and the addition of RWD will change the image of Mazda.

  2. Clean lines and a regular size front grill. I'LL take this "boring" over a lot of the new ugly crap that's out there.

  3. Mazda has asked for a $4.2 B bailout. Hope it gets turned down.
    Then they get bought up by someone that knows what they are doing or better yet, folds.

    I'm always surprised they didn't rename themselves Hubris.

  4. mazda has always viewed themselves as the japanese bmw. no one else sees this I'm sure . style is germanic as you can clearly see and rear wheel drive……..this is the picture that shows you what Mazdas demise looks like

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