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The coolest news in that Nissan trailer I posted earlier is our very first look at the all-new generation Nissan Z.
I think it looks great so far. A nide blend of retro and really modern.
Let’s hope the powertrain is equally modern. Nissan really needs to stand out these days.
While a pure EV would be great, I’m not sure they are willing to push things that far. At least not yet.
But it really should be some kind of a hybrid. Plug-in with almost 100 miles would be perfect.
So sort of an “everyman Polstar One”.

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  1. I am question if these models are for the US;Nissan refers to the Rouge Sport as the Qashqai in this video, a name used for other parks such as in Canada and Europe/UK.

  2. @Fart
    Most of these models are indeed for the US, but not all. The US won’t be getting the Navara pickup or Terra SUV and possibly the Note. We will be getting the production Ariya, the Armada (sold elsewhere as the Patrol), the refreshed Kicks, the new Rogue (sold elsewhere as the X-trail) and Qashqai (under the Rogue Sport name), the new Frontier, the new Pathfinder and of course the new Z.

  3. Fart, the video is for global products, some are sold and will be sold in the USA (most of them) and some not. You can see that when they show both the Navara and the Frontier which are sold in different markets. The cars that they show that won't be sold in the US are the Micra (or March), Navara, Note, and probably the Terra. My guess is that they will still sell the Qashqai as the Rogue Sport.

  4. Well, somebody's been really busy. Lol
    That Z is looking really good. I hope they keep the price point similar to the current Z.

  5. the unit beside the Z is the Pathfinder. woah! unreal . Thats a hot volume segment currently and it will have a new efficient powerful v6 with a new 9 speed transmission

  6. Wrong! The NSX isn’t selling because of its heavy, complex, and expensive dual (hybrid is a misnomer) powertrain. Nissan should avoid going down this wrong road.

  7. Sweet Simpleton??? No need for name calling. The fact of the matter is the vehicles are lined up in alphabetical order. If you had actually watched the video you would have seen that. The vehicle next to the Z is the Terra. No ifs ands or but’s about it.

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