How about all these new Nisan models…

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Let’s start with the best news. As this is obviously the all-new Nissan Z.

This is the new Rogue. Which we have already seen HERE.

2021 all-new Nissan Frontier. 

This is the production version of the gorgeous Nissan Ariya.

The long-awaited Nissan Pathfinder. Finally.
Which will be jumping into a very popular segment these days.

 The all-new Note. the previous generation was sold here as the “Versa Note”.
Which might or might not make a come back in the US. Seen HERE

The next Qashqai will basically be our next Rogue Sport

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  1. A nearly indistinguishable blur of hatchback body styles. When I watched the video I was wondering why they kept showing the same car over and over.

  2. Any idea what the “M” vehicle was in the video? It’s definitely a crossover, but looked way too small to be a Murano.

  3. You left off several other vehicles teased: the Armada, the Navara, the M (rumored to be Magnite) crossover for India, and the Terra.

  4. Nissan needs to be bold and the quality on point, especially the SUV's. They are having a lot of money issues because of extremely poor decisions and sales. I've had a couple in my family over the years and I've always found them to be a cheaply made Toyota wanna be. I drove a Maxima as a rental a year ago and the interior was a mess…buttons everywhere.

  5. such a strong looking future for Nissan. we have a few different brands in our auto group but we are actively pursuing single point Nissan stores in Canada , northern Ontario currently. This is very impressive.

  6. Nissan has a strong future, and they are doing things the right way, just like Hyundai and Kia. Having a strong sedan lineup as well as crossovers and SUV's. Some of us still love sedans and coupes, and I'm so glad they're not abandoning those body styles. Now, what's going on with Infiniti? Save them too!!!!!!

  7. Vince – I think the truck in your screenshot might actually be a new Titan. Watch the video you earlier and you'll see a noticeably smaller truck with roof rails (I think that's the Frontier).

  8. I mean really? They tell you right there it's the Frontier starting with F and the only other truck is the Navarra.

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