Weirdo of the day: Citroen C3 L for China

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 Even though this Chinese model is based on the same platform used for the European model, it doesn’t look at all like the “regular” Citroen C3.

(I guess the C3 wasn’t weird enough for China. )
The C3L realizes the designers rarely accomplished goal of being strange and boring at the same time.

This is actually not a “raised up sedan”. But a sedan version of an SUV, the C4 XR.
Which of course, looks better than this oddly proportioned sedan version.

 Here is the “regular” Chinese C3 XR.
That heavy chrome trim actually seems OK on the hatchback, since it becomes the roof rack.
Actually quite a cool idea.
Which is completely destroyed in the sedan version. (Which is why it is painted black I guess)

That horrible thing really has to be one of the worst looking cars on the market today…

It has been said many times before, AMC was ahead of its time.

Here is an ad for an early 1980’s AMC Eagle 4WD. maybe the first raised up sedan ever. And a true 4WD car.
It was available also as a 2 door hatchback and a wagon.
Based on the “regular” Concorde sedan and wagon…

It was truly a great idea…

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  1. ahead of its time indeed and inspired so many modern cars: Outback, XC70, Allroad, etc.

    Would love to see an "what if" study: what if AMC was still around, what would a modern lineup look like, keeping the sedan, coupe, wagon offering… maybe that's what Chrysler/dodge needs

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